All we need is love .... A Single Symphony for BANDishAID

Written by Ria as an anthem ‘All We Need Is Love’ is available for anyone to record
and proceeds from all versions will go to 'Children In Need’.

Featured Versions:
'All We Need Is Love' performed by the UK's finest Tribute Artists

Elvis - Kevin Paul
Amy Winehouse - Gyp Kenton Romay
Prince - Jimi Love
Britney Spears - Kitty Brucknell-Dayle
Christina Aguilera - Kitty Brucknell-Dayle
Roy Orbison - Paul Hopkins
Kylie - Suzy Hopwood
Errol Brown - Kenny Simon
Kenny Rogers - Andy Crust
Ronan Keating - Andy Crust
Elvis in the Army - Johnny Tyrone
Stevie Wonder - Shenton Dixon
Freddie Mercury - Gary Goodmaze
Dolly Parton - Sarah Jayne.